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Original Carvings by Barry Benecke


Welcome to Wildlife in Wood. I hope you enjoy viewing my carvings as much as I enjoy creating them. The original bird carvings I create are carved lifesize from a single block of wood or natural log. My carvings are primarily birds of prey... owls, hawks, eagles, osprey and other larger raptors. Other birds have also crossed my workbench in recent years including woodpeckers, ruffed grouse and loons. You will even find one recent carving of a lifesize Red Fox and a giant 53" Musky on my site!

In April 2015, I had the opportunity to demonstrate my wood carving skills to three groups of students at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School in Dunedin, Florida. The children were terrific and I enjoyed every minute of the two hours spent with them. Several of the students took the challenge of "pushing a few feathers" on one of my carvings. Thank you Mary D. for organizing the event!

Click here for more photos!

Click for a larger photo.
September 2014: Carving of a Red-Tailed Hawk pair.

I carefully select each piece of wood used to create a new carving. Each piece of wood receives an extended 2+ year drying period before I make my first rough cuts. Two of my favorite carving woods are Butternut and Birch. Both of these species are beautifully grained and hold small detail very well! I sometimes work in other common carving woods... Poplar, Cedar, or Basswood. Plus I have created carvings using some of the local hardwoods... Oak, Walnut, and Cherry.

The carving tools I use are primarily the traditional handheld carving gouges, sweeps, V-tools and a mallet. Every carving is unique. Please take a few minutes and tour my website. Thank you for spending some time here!

Some of My Favorite Subjects

My goal for each new carving is to create a piece of artwork that is unique, complete with the special hand-carved edges only found using this process. Click on the page The Handcarving Process to see how the tiny feather detail is achieved. Or click on the video link above to learn more about who I am and how I carve.  I strive to make each carving feel lifelike. The glass eyes also help to achieve this goal. The individual veins of each feather are handcarved one tiny cut after another. A typical carving represents several weeks of labor before it is ready to be signed. The painting process I have developed uses thin semi-transparent layers of artist oils to achieve the deep rich colors of the bird. This process also allows some of the wood grain to show-through the colors. I try to average roughly one new carving per month. I normally spend anywhere from 4 to 8 hours carving every single day.

Click for a larger photo.
Cutting each individual vein into a feather using a V-tool.


Click for a larger photo.
June 2013: Barred Owl carved from White Pine. SOLD
Click for a larger photo.
June 2013: Life size Snowy carved from Butternut. Carving is almost 3.5 feet tall! Available.
Click for a larger photo.
May 2014: "Moon Watch" Boreal Owl carved from Birch. SOLD
Click for a larger photo.
May 2014: My 1st Sharp-Shinned Hawk carved from Birch. SOLD
Click for a larger photo.
December 2012: Osprey carved from Birch. SOLD.
Click for a larger photo.
September 2013: Red-Tailed Hawk carved from White Pine. SOLD.
Click for a larger photo.
2009 Bald Eagle carved from Butternut. SOLD.
Click for a larger photo.
October 2013: Ruffed Grouse carved from Birch. SOLD
Click for a larger photo.
Pileated Woodpecker carved from a solid piece of Birch. SOLD

Click for a larger photo.
December 2014: Burrowing Owl carved from Butternut. SOLD
Click for a larger photo.
October 2013: 53" Muskie carved from Basswood. SOLD
Click for a larger photo.
July 2012: Overhead view of a Common Loon carved from Butternut. SOLD

Some of the woodcarvings displayed on this site are commissioned pieces or have already been sold. I continue to post photos of new pieces as they are being created. Some of my recent woodcarvings include: a Sharp-shinned Hawk, a Barn Owl, a Barred Owl,  two Boreal Owls, a Snowy Owl, and a Ruffed Grouse . I have a number of new pieces in the works. Two custom orders... a pair of Red-tailed Hawks and a Great Horned Owl.  Another unique piece created late last year was a stylized relief carving of an owl peering out of his forest home. This piece was purchased in early 2014.

Click for a larger photo.
My new trailer with one of my more recent carvings, a Snowy Owl perched on a deer antler shed.

Click to view larger map.
Map showing where my carvings have found a home.

My carvings can be found in homes and businesses across the United States from Washington State, Oregon, California to Arizona, Montana, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusettes, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and also the countries of Canada and France. If you are interested in owning one of my original carvings please contact me via email or phone for a price and estimated completion date.

Thank you again for visiting Wildlife in Wood. I hope you enjoy viewing the original handcarved art I have created. Please sign my guestbook before you go.

Barry W. Benecke
Saint Germain, Wisconsin

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Carvings by B. Benecke

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